Hospitality Studies (Certificate)

The Tourism/Hospitality Industry must be staffed at all levels by individuals who are well equipped with the knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes to satisfy the demands of this dynamic industry.The Certificate programme offers fewer credits than the Associate Degree programmes and less time to complete.This certificate programme is designed to provide persons with the opportunity to receive formal education and training in their field of study.

The Certificate in Hospitality Studies programme differs from the Hospitality Studies Associate Degree programme as it offers fewer courses, more introductory level courses and the level of academic and analytical skills varies from that required for the Asscociate Degree. Persons who are already working can have their skills validated.

Entry Requirements

Programme Objectives

This programme was developed as an important component of the Caribbean Tourism Learning System (CTLS). It addresses the growing need for a common, competency-based curriculum and provides the employers with potential employees who possess a sound theoretical and practical base.

The programme is designed to:
Improve the level of professionalism of an ever changing tourism and hospitality industry.
Educate and train productive and employable people in a global community.
Provide consistent delivery of content so employers will have realistic expectations of graduates with a Certificate in Hospitality Studies.
Ensure transferability and articulation with other colleges and universities within the region and where relevant, meet regional occupational standards.

CFBC Certificate in Hospitality Studies.

To obtain a CFBC Certificate in Hospitality Studies candidates will be required to successfully complete all courses.

Hospitality Studies Certificate Program Outline
Year 1

Semester 1 Semester 2
CULN1102 Food Preparation I
HHFT2014 Communicating with Influence
HHFT1013 Intro to Tourism/Hospitality
CORE1000 Fundamental Maths
SAFE1002 Sanitation Safety and Hygiene

IFTH1002 Information Technology
CULN1102 Food Preparation I
HHFT2004 Quality Customer Care
HHFT2001 Bar Operations
HHFT2009 Internship
MGMT2006 Entrepreneurship
ACCM1001 Accommodation